Vegan Cow Painting

Vegan cow painting

After birth, a calf is immediately taken away from its mother, it often cries for its mother for hours. For the first three days it gets to drink from a bucket of breast milk, but after that it gets powdered milk. The mother cow gives her milk to the machine, about 8,000 liters per year. She has a calf every year to keep production up. In a natural environment cows can live to be 10 years old, in industry this is only 3 to 4 years. “Milk is good for everyone” was a famous saying. It would contain calcium which would be good for the bones. However, scientific research, including from the Harvard School of Public Health, shows that drinking milk actually causes osteoporosis. If everyone were to become vegan, 8 million fewer people would die each year from the effects of their diet by 2050. In addition, greenhouse gas emissions would be reduced by 2/3 at the same time.

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