The Power of Dogs


Dogs are not just any kind of mammal. Nor did they become friends with humans by chance. In my view, they are here to remind us of genuine unconditional loyalty, friendship and love that we often consider heavenly. They are completely in the here and now, a state that we humans often find difficult to maintain.

I see dogs, like many other animals, as our teachers. They are not here to serve us or just for our entertainment. They teach us about mental purity and clarity. They are so pure, sincere and honest. Dogs are extremely alert and have a great instinct.

It makes so much sense that we all love our dogs so much. They really give us what we often need in this material world, or what we cannot give ourselves.

These sketches are an ode to the dog as our friend, teacher and guide. That we may cherish them on our wall and feel their pleasure and happiness every day. I am grateful for all the dogs on this earth.

Cheer Up Your Walls


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