“Tiny Turtle” Original Painting



  • 70 x 50 cm Original Mixed Media Painting on Thick Paper.
  • This painting features Ink, Acrylic, Marker, and Oil Paint and has a white border on the edges. It comes without a frame.
  • A Certificate of Sale and Personal Note from the artist are included.

Bring the mythical beauty of the Turtle into your home with this original painting. This stunning piece of art is guaranteed to be a unique centerpiece in any interior.


A keeper of Wisdom in my shell,

All is fortunate and well.

Slow and steady I survive age upon age,

carrying forth the creator’s pilgrimage.”

This original piece, “Tiny Turtle”, offers you the chance to purchase a one-of-a-kind painting directly from the artist herself. Support the artist’s journey and bring home a meaningful piece of original art.


Size (cm)

65 x 50


Inks, acrylic paint, Marker, and oil paints on heavy mixed media paper.


Yellow, Purple, Red, Turquoise, Skintones, Brown.

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