“I Am The Universe” Original Painting



  • 35 x 50 cm Original Mixed Media Painting on Thick Paper.
  • This painting features ink, Acrylic, and Oil Paint and has a white border on the edges. It comes without a frame.
  • A Certificate of Sale and Personal Note from the artist are included.

Discover the awe-inspiring power of art with the “I Am The Universe” original painting. Captured in stunning detail, this original piece by artist Susan Steenhuis features a spiritual lion that will stir your soul. Unlock its hidden symbolism and invite its powerful presence into your life as you reflect on the mysteries of the universe.


“Of the golden suns,

And the singing trees,

All that I see,

Is staring back at me.”

Size (cm)

35 x 50


Inks, acrylic paint, and oil paints on heavy Mixed Media paper.


Purple, Blue, Pink, Orange and Gold.

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