“Foie Gold” Original Painting



  • 70 x 90 cm Original Mixed Media Oil Painting on Gallery Wrapped Canvas.
  • Materials include Ink, Marker, Gold leaf, and Acrylic and Oil paints.
  • The Paint is layered in Thick Strokes and Free From Turpentine.
  • A Certificate of Sale and Personal Note from the Artist are included.

This original painting, “Foie Gold”, reminds us to feel compassion for all living beings on the planet. Create a meaningful purchase by buying directly from the artist Susan Steenhuis – and own this inspired artwork for a lifetime.


“I’ve painted it to celebrate that the government in the Netherlands has banned Foie Gras from the restaurants in the parlement. It’s a small step, but every step counts.”

Bring beauty and meaning into your home with this original artwork called “Foie Gold”. Support a talented artist and create a loving space for the animals with this stunning painting.

Size (cm)

50 x 60


Inks, acrylic paint, gold leaf, and oil paints on gallery-wrapped canvas.


Turquoise, Blue, Pink, Brown, Skintones, Gold and Silver.

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