“Enter Shikari” Original Painting



  • 35 x 50 cm Original Mixed Media Painting on Thick Paper.
  • This painting features ink, Acrylic, and Oil Paint and has a white border on the edges. It comes without a frame.
  • A Certificate of Sale and Personal Note from the artist are included.

“Enter Shikari” is an original painting of a majestic lion rendered in bold strokes and vivid colors. Add a touch of bold and regal sophistication to any space; hang this majestic artwork to make a statement.


“Hunting season has opened,

I’m not afraid,

Climbing the mountain,

On top of my game.”

“Enter Shikari” is an original painting by artist Susan Steenhuis. The vivid colors and life-like details of this painting capture the beauty of the lion. The painting’s intricate brushwork creates a mesmerizing and unique result which will make a great addition to any art collection.

Size (cm)

35 x 50


Inks, acrylic paint, and oil paints on heavy Mixed Media paper.


Purple, Blue, Pink, Orange and Gold.

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