“A Sweet Surrender” Original Painting



    • 120 x 100 cm original mixed media oil painting on gallery-wrapped canvas.
    • Materials include Ink, Markers, Gold Leaf, Pastels, Acrylic Paint, and Buttery Oil Paint.
    • The paint is layered in thick strokes and free from turpentine.
    • A certificate of Sale and a personal note from the artist is included.

Fill your house with love. Handcrafted Original Oil Painting. Sold directly from the artist. Free Shipping World Wide. This beautiful modern, Original Oil Painting of a Couple in Love will bring loving vibes into your home.

“Calm my mind, warm my soul,

Pick me apart, make me feel whole.

As I softly drift through our perfect storm,

Take me back to our eternal home.”

“A Sweet Surrender,” an original painting from artist Susan Steenhuis, is a beautiful representation of the stories love can tell. Brought to life on canvas, this piece has the power to captivate and transport viewers to the depths of true emotion. Buy directly from the artist to add sentiment and make a meaningful statement in your home.

Size (cm)

100 x 120


Inks, acrylic paint, gold leaf, oil crayon, and oil paints on gallery-wrapped canvas.


Pink, purple, brown and gold.

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