Oh great Tiger

Oh great Tiger, I call upon you.

Your gentle footsteps tred mother earth ever so lightly. Teach me to walk in line with nature, softy and awake.

Your strong jaws crush anyting you bite, yet you are gentle and carefull with your cubs. Balance my inner fire and fierceness, with my gentle waters and nurturing flows.  

Your claws fight off all evil and cast off negative energies. Help me to cast off all that doesn’t serve me, tame my negative emotions and help me to embrace my own shadow self.

You honor yourself and are a truly noble being, carrying yourself with pride and diligence. Show me how to love and respect myself, be true to myself, and respect all other living beings.  

You radiate natural leadership and are at comfort in solitude. Help me to embrace my leadership qualities and step into my destiny with great trust, calmness and devotion.

Thank you for teaching me, what it means to live in true humanity.

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