Mindfulness Painting

This image inspired me. An old man who has not suffered under his age. And does not seem to suffer in this world. How can one radiate such tranquility and peace? As an old man, don’t you? Why isn’t he frustrated, greedy or tired of life? He seems to know what he is doing with his life and to enjoy it. Life just made him stronger and more beautiful. Like a diamond, the more it is cut, the more it shines. The wonderful spirit of this man touched me and so I made a painting of him. And what a coincidence, a week later I came across this image again in a magazine.

The magazine told the story of his life and it was even more beautiful than what I had imagined. This man calls himself “Davidji”. He worked as a businessman on Wall Street for 20 years. One day he was walking down the sidewalk when a bum grabbed his leg and said “what will they write on your tombstone?”. This question touched Davidji deeply, and he embarked on a radical life change. Now, many years later, he is a well-known meditation teacher and author of many books. He gives many workshops and retreats all over the world. How beautiful is the face of a peaceful and fulfilling life.

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