Transform Society

Culture wields immense power to transform society. Each brushstroke on my canvas represents my dream: a world where every living being is loved and respected. I cannot manifest this dream alone… I need your help.

Do you want to be a creative force that will shake the art world to its core, change the art system, and support a true value-driven artist? AND make money while doing so??

Become a Creative Catalysts!

For every one of my artworks sold through your dedicated efforts, you will earn a 15% commission. As a valued member of my inner circle, you will gain exclusive access to my latest projects, ideas, and inspirations. Together, we will radiate a forcefield of love and empathy across the art world, united by our shared commitment to universal kindness and respect for all living beings.

All I ask is that you share my art within your network. To assist you in this, I will provide outreach templates, catalogues, and any additional information you may require. My only request is that you refrain from distributing my art to places that perpetuate harm to animals, humans, or our planet as a whole.

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Let me send you an email and we can talk about our joined vision over a coffee or a video call.

I’d love to hear from you!

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