Deer Painting

With this painting I want to celebrate the beauty of the wild deer. It is surrounded by a beautiful environment. A struggle and threat from hunting can be recognized in its antlers. Read more about my arguments against hunting in this blog.

Hunting…. How do you deal with people who hunt? Here are some ways you can respond to hunters’ opinions:

Humans are hunters by nature, that’s how evolution works.

That is not true. We don’t have tusks, our gut system isn’t designed to digest raw meat, and that’s why we have to cook it completely before we can eat it. This is the case with felines, for example. We are fruit, nut and vegetable collectors by nature. This is what our teeth and intestinal system are designed for. Unfortunately, the image of the brave, hunting primordial man is wrong.

We must hunt to keep the population in balance.

If we look very realistically, which animal species is really over populating this globe? Right, mankind. Due to our enormous over-population, all other native animals are actually at risk. So what’s the real problem? And do you solve that by shooting animals?

I hunt because I like it.

I don’t understand what’s fun about murder, massacres and sowing terror. What does that say about you? Why do you need that? Are there other ways you can feel empowered? I like to respect animals and feel connected to them. That says about me that I have a heart full of compassion. I’m sure you have these qualities as well and you don’t need hunting to feel good at all.