The Rise Of The Phoenix Poem

The Rise Of The Phoenix Poem

A poem came through when I was painting these paintings. It's about finding your own strength again and again, no matter what you've been through or what thoughts are running around in your head. I believe that in life we need to develop a warrior mentality in which we stand up again and again and face the daily struggles in order to become more and more powerful, more loving and wiser. I hope this poem gives you a lot of strength!

No matter how hard I fall
or how broken I am
I will Always
get back up again

I may stumble
I may cry
I may take some punches
and rest aside

I may take some time
Reclaiming what was mine
Restoring my inner balance
Connecting to the divine

But when I get back up
and look straight into your eyes
I know I am the true warrior
And that’s no lie

See each fall is a teaching
For me to increase my reaching
to push myself further into the unknown
Only through a fall one’s true strength is shown

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