schilderijen · 23. april 2019
I made this painting in for an art exhibition of the Art Of Compassion Project in Beijing, China. The profit of this exhibition is donated to TACN, a volunteer-run charity aimed at improving animal welfare and promoting a healthy and cruelty-free lifestyle worldwide. When I was in Phnom Penh in Cambodia I saw a very young, emaciated kitten crawling away from me. It was thirsty, hungry and barely crawling on the hot concrete between car lanes and traffic. I had no food, no water, nothing to give...
schilderijen · 28. februari 2019
Artist A.J. Underwater and I have taken off on a joined adventure! What do you see? What social constructs is this girl wearing? Are you wearing it too? We created this modern art piece to make the unseen seen in a portrait of The girl with a pearl earring, originally painted by Johannes Vermeer. Vermeer was a master in suggestions and making the unseen seen. Our piece is called #YouToo? And we’re participating in the AVRO-TROS art competition.
schilderijen · 13. januari 2019
For some reason I felt the urge to paint Jesus today. And yes, that’s a rainbow reference to the LGBT community. I wanted to paint Jesus just as the man who I think he was. A man with a strong will, compassionate intentions and no judgements. Some may say a bodhisattva, a son of god or an enlightened being. While painting I realized that with all his good intentions he had set himself up for a horrific struggle. In realizing his potential, he faced the darkest dwells of mankind. But I believe...
schilderijen · 03. januari 2019
modern schilderij van een hert
schilderijen · 22. december 2018
He finally made it. The king of nature in plastic neon colors. Who will consume who? Painting 120 x 100 cm, acryl on canvas.
schilderijen · 07. augustus 2018
Sneak peak… I'm working on this new lion.. He’s a big one, 120 x 100 cm.. It’s not just a beautiful image, he has something serious to say. He will make a statement in a bold and colorful way. Curious to see what will become of him? And what his message will be? Follow me on Instagram or Facebook or subscribe to my newsletter. Or see more of my art in my
schilderijen · 22. juli 2018
Yesterday I sold this beautiful lion to a customer of the Holland Art Group. This painting consists of 800 arrows. Each arrow symbolizes one lion per year that is killed by hunting. In addition to the wild lions, 8000 bred lions currently live in private reserves. These lions grow up as cuddle cubs for tourists to cuddle with and photograph. Once they grow old, the terrible fate of a brutal slaughter awaits them. Rich tourists pay ten thousand euros to shoot a tame lion and make a selfie with...
schilderijen · 11. november 2017
schilderij over de veehouderij
schilderijen · 06. oktober 2017
schilderij olifant
schilderijen · 02. september 2017
schilderij buffel

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