gedichten · 15. november 2018
gedichten · 19. oktober 2018
Fear The beast is here I’m feeling like a deer Can’t think clear His eyes, my cry I hide behind a smile A lie, a self-denial A life in a suit and tie Fear, my old friend for all these years All you’ve done is keep me here Taking away my life, my growth, You are eating away my soul Until I look you in the eyes and tell you NO
gedichten · 19. oktober 2018
My little pony... There she was, jumping right out of the watercolor-splashes. A carnival creature with dark edges. A life tamed for entertainment and successes. A life truly hollow and stressed. Thousands come to watch the parade. Stare at her for hours but fail to see her shade. Fail to have even the slightest notion, Of the strings and tremors in her motion. See more of my artivism in my
gedichten · 03. juli 2018
When you google “the meaning of life” but can’t find the answer. When you’re an ICT specialist but wanted to become a dancer. When you look back on your past and concepts begin to collide. When you breakdown and then realize the answers are all inside.
gedichten · 13. juli 2017
gedicht spiritueel
gedichten · 19. mei 2017
gedichtje in het engels
gedichten · 25. maart 2017
My mind is like a spoiled child crying for that one thing
gedichten · 25. februari 2017
Een gedicht over universeel bewustzijn.
gedichten · 16. februari 2017
een gedicht over ontwikkeling en groei.


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