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09. juni 2019
waarom zou je wel of niet een schilderij online kopen? Ik vat het voor je samen in dit blog.
life and stuff · 19. augustus 2018
Like what you see? See more of my art in my galery or online store.
life and stuff · 06. augustus 2018
Some artists have an art-coach. I have a dog. When I’m frustrated, tired or when my thoughts gets the best of me, Tessy is always here for me. Just her eyes and unconditional support are enough to ease my mind. She doesn’t judge or rationalize, she has no complex theories or ways to talk me back into shape. No words or thoughts have to be exchanged, her simple little happy presence is more than enough. See and shop my art in my:
life and stuff · 05. augustus 2018
The beginning of a new painting.. Painting is creating, flowing and discovering. I open my heart and just start with colors. I love throwing the colors on the white canvas and spreading them out with every possible brush or (spatels0 I can find. With bare feet and hands Im discovering and celebrating the new dreams that occur. Im starting to feel the elephant, lion or person that’s appearing in the depths of it. Yes, the journey had begun! See how my paintings turn out in my:
schetsen · 25. november 2017
schets meditatie
schilderijen · 11. november 2017
schilderij over de veehouderij
schilderijen · 02. september 2017
schilderij buffel
schilderijen · 26. augustus 2017
wolf schilderij
schilderijen · 11. augustus 2017
leeuw schilderij
schilderijen · 30. juni 2017
schilderij van een paard

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