Susan’s Art

Hey There! I’m Susan Steenhuis, an artist from the Netherlands. Together with my dog Tessy and husband Vincent I currently live in a caravan in the south of Europe. I spend my days painting and soaking up nature. With my art I express my love for all living beings, animals in particular.

I was only six when I told my mother that I didn’t want to eat meat anymore. Until this day I’m not consuming any animal products. I also started drawing and painting at a young age in my diaries. I wrote down what happened to me and made explanatory drawings. I would also draw and paint the things that I loved the most like dogs, horses, and princess dresses..

I feel blessed and fulfilled to be spreading loving-kindness through my art on a daily basis. I believe that compassion (also to ourselves) and conscious living are the way to a harmonious and balanced world. Also, through my own journey, I became very aware of the powers of art. Art isn’t just a pretty image on a wall. It’s a visual message that enters your brain on a daily basis and programs your thinking patterns. When painted well, one can feel the spirit of the painted subjects, symbols, or atmosphere. So let’s make sure we empower ourselves and bring loving creations into this world.

The original artworks I sell are made with vegan materials. I’m also available for commissions.

I hope you feel empowered and inspired to live out your own dreams.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.