Susan Steenhuis Art

Susan Steenhuis was born in a small town in the South of The Netherlands. From a small child, she was known for her art talents. Rumor has it that at only 7 years old, Susan drew a portrait of an Indigenous Chief from the top of her head. It was very accurate and had a deep soulful expression. Her parents were so impressed that they sent it out to the newspaper, unfortunately never to be seen again. Interested in the world of the psyche, Susan got a masters degree in Mental Health. Additionally, she studied arts at the school of Arts in Arendonk and Milan Art Institute. She combined art and psychology for many years, as she grew selling her art at events, shops and galleries. In her early thirties she decided to become a fulltime, self-represented, professional artist.

Susan’s art is compassionate, uplifting and soulful. She uses poetic lines, tunnel-vision perspectives and bright colors to bring you to a place of pure ecstasy. Your eyes dwell in paradise-like atmospheres as you meet the core essence of safety, trust and loving kindness. Susan states: “ My mission is to spread loving kindness into the hearts of many”. With a background in psychology, Susan sees love and safety as the highest forms of reality. She believes that when we allow ourselves to enter this place, we will heal ourselves, our surroundings and eventually the whole world along the way.

Currently, Susan works in her sunset-view studio in Eindhoven. Every working day feels like a party to her, she loves to dance and drink coffee while painting. Her dog Tessy keeps an eye out for trash on the floor. Susan has recently finished the “Lovers in Paradise” series, which will be launched on valentine’s day 2023. In the future, Susan plans to periodically withdraw herself in nature, to deepen her understanding of life, as she digs up new ideas and inspiration for more blissful, ecstatic and soulful art.