Vegan and Zero Waste Art

Hey There! I’m Susan Steenhuis, a vegan artist from the Netherlands. I am passionate about animals rights and equality for all living beings. I’m also spiritually interested. With my art I want to stimulate veganism and the zero waste movement. I only use vegan materials. I sell most of my art as downloadable jpg files to eliminate shipping and packing.

I make positive art with vegan and conscious materials, to encourage the vegan and zero waste-minded folks like you and I. Because this world can be a bit harsh sometimes, especially for us sensitive souls. So I’m working on painting a better picture, a picture that encourages, celebrates and inspires you. Because art isn’t just a pretty image on a wall. It’s a visual message that enters your brain on a daily basis. It absolutely enters your subconsciousness and programs your thinking patterns. So let’s make sure we empower ourselves and what we stand for, and get the vegan and zero waste message through to many others!

So let’s make sure we empower ourselves and what we stand for, and get the vegan and zero waste message through to many others!

I’ve been a veggie myself since my teens and went fully vegan in 2016. I believe that veganism, minimalism and zero waste are the future. I also believe that compassion, kindness (also to ourselves) and conscious living are the way to a harmonious and balanced world. Spreading this positive message through art is my calling. I’m proud to say that I’m a member of The Art of Compassion Project, an international group of vegan artists who sell art online to raise money for various animal charities.

Most of the art I sell are downloadable jpg files. I think this is the most zero waste way of selling art because it requires no transport or packaging. You can print the image at home or at a local printing service.

The materials I use are completely vegan. I don’t use animal hair brushes, no wax, crayons or varnish. My watercolor paint and pencils are the ones I’ve inherited from my grandmother. My canvasses (since 2021) Are made from second-hand table cloths, framed on unprocessed bamboo. The paper I use is produced in the country where I live and is a FSC mix from responsible sources. For acrylic paint, I use the brand Amsterdam, excluding the color ivory black, although I will quit using acrylic paint after my stock has run out.

Thank you for checking out my shop.

Wishing you all the best on your vegan and zero waste journey!

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


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