Susan's art

is compassionate, uplifting and soulful.

“I use loose, fluid lines, yet possess the skill to capture the essence of my subjects. Every canvas I paint on is handcrafted by me, with respect for animals, humanity, and the environment. Through my art, I emphasize the importance of acting on love, compassion, and kindness, ultimately for the happiness of all living beings on this planet.”

“I believe in a world where every living being is loved and respected.”

From a Child,

Susan was known for her artistic talents and her love for animals. At the age of 8 she drew a portrait of an Indigenous Chief from the top of her head. Her parents were so proud that they sent it out to the newspaper, never to be heard of again.

Interested in the world of the psyche and arts, Susan went on to study Psychology and Arts. She combined both for many years until she decided to go on a long sabbatical. When she returned, she returned as a new person.

Currently, Susan works in her studio in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. She she loves to dance and drink coffee while painting. She has recently finished the “Me and My Tribe” series and is already working on the next collection.

Beyond her identity as an artist, Susan also dedicates her time as a psychologist. She loves offering support to others and engaging in profound, meaningful conversations.

In the future, Susan plans to buy a farm and convert it into a sanctuary for animals and people. She intends to create a safe haven for all living beings, in harmony with nature.

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