vegan art book on amazon!

Wat een geweldig nieuws, The Art Of Compassion Project, een organisatie van veganistische kunstenaars, heeft dit boek uitgebracht! Het is een verzameling van prachtige kunstwerken, zowel visueel als literair.

The Art of Compassion is the first book of its kind—a collection of heartwarming and awakening vegan art from eighty artists around the globe. Through the power of visual and literary art, this book aims to expose the plight of animals, to empower animal rights activists, and to inspire the compassionate lifestyle of veganism. The book was released on Amazon worldwide on June 2, 2019—National Animal Rights Day.


Julie Gueraseva—founder, editor, and designer of LAIKA Magazine—writes: “Through a collection of works from eighty artists, The Art of Compassion showcases the remarkable breadth of contemporary vegan art. Every imaginable style and medium is represented: whether realism or abstract; painting or photography; sculpture or collage; watercolor or digital illustration. If society’s progress is measured by its art, then the sheer volume of animal rights art that is being generated today and the scope of its creativity is a testament that this movement is advancing toward a time of critical mass.”