Jesus LGBT

For some reason I felt the urge to paint Jesus today. And yes, that’s a rainbow reference to the LGBT community. I wanted to paint Jesus just as the man who I think he was. A man with a strong will, compassionate intentions and no judgements. Some may say a bodhisattva, a son of god or an enlightened being. While painting I realized that with all his good intentions he had set himself up for a horrific struggle. In realizing his potential, he faced the darkest dwells of mankind. But I believe that Jesus knew what he had set himself up for and faced his struggle with a smile. In Nichiren Buddhism we believe that when we start to realize our potential we will face struggle and hardship, only to win gloriously in the end. Jesus fully realized his potential by strong will, courage, wisdom and kindness. He never backed down. And to this day still, millions of people find faith in his loving intentions. If our courage and faith in ourselves could only be as strong as Jesus’s was, we would all certainly realize our full potentials. Every single one of us.


Don’t you have dreams or good intentions in your heart? I hope this story will encourage you to be bold and take action. To face your struggle courageously and never give up. Because in essence, you are the mystic life force with endless potential yourself.



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