Lion roar

Yesterday I sold this beautiful lion to a customer of the Holland Art Group.




This painting consists of 800 arrows.
Each arrow symbolizes one lion per year that is killed by hunting. In addition to the wild lions, 8000 bred lions currently live in private reserves. These lions grow up as cuddle cubs for tourists to cuddle with and photograph. Once they grow old, the terrible fate of a brutal slaughter awaits them. Rich tourists pay ten thousand euros to shoot a tame lion and make a selfie with the dead animal.
The lion hunting has become a huge industry which, according to the South African Minister of the Environment, yields some 490 million tons per year. In the past 20 years, the global lion population has been reduced by 80%. Many people do not know it, but the wild lion is an endangered species.
With this painting I want to draw attention to this beautiful animal and the role of the human ego in this destructive development.

The roar of the lion is deep, wise, powerful and courageous.

What a privilege to listen to.



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